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I've just finished dinner and am working on my second glass of a really nice Australian Shiraz. I love red wine, I really do. There's a super affordable line out now by a vineyard called Banrock Station that produces excellent wines. I'm particularly fond of their merlot and cabernet. Actually, if I'm going to be drinking it's generally going to be one of three things. Either a hearty red wine, a heavy beer like Newcastle or my favorite - Bass Ale, or scotch. I have a weakness for Glenlivet, but J&B makes a nice blend. Single malts are better to me, but a blend will work in a pinch. This is not to say that I'm repellant to other things, these are just my personal favorites. If I'm going to be doing shots, it's going to be either Jager or Lemon Drops made with Absolut Citron.

So anyway, I made vegetarian Sloppy Joes (or as we call them: Sloppy Mofos) and ghetto fries. I used my mandoline to cut up the potatoes and they were good. Then we cracked open the wine. Red wine is good with just about anything, even Sloppy Mofos and ghetto fries.

So yeah, next Saturday is my birthday dinner and I hope we have a good time. I know a lot of my friends have never been to Ok Sun, and I'm looking foreward to that as well. There's something very satisfying to me about Korean food, and Ok Sun is the best in town. Korean food is like the Southern Soul food to me of Asian cookery. I use the word "cookery" deliberately because I feel "cuisine" is too pretentious and I've never been comfortable using it in conversation about food. Besides, "cookery" sounds more like me. So there you have it.

I made a kick ass pot of black bean soup and some green chili quesadillas for lunch today. There's something about it being cold and rainy outside that makes me want soup when I'm hungry. I really should start a food journal, just something for recipes and tips and passing along some of my knowledge here and there. What do you guys think? Maybe chez_jude or judes_pantry? It's a thought. Might prove eventfully fun for me and informative for others if nothing else. I'm reading Damon Lee Fowler's cookbook New Southern Kitchen, which is like reading something I would have written with a close friend. It's also reaffirming my opinion that in the South, we have some of the best ways with food of anywhere in the world - and I've eaten a lot of different things in a lot of different places. Nothing beats good barbecue and soul food, and lowcountry cooks are my personal heroes. Screw the cake, fried green tomatoes or death!

I'm trying hard to get into my happy place. I've been kind of bummed out for the last few days and I think it's trying to run its course. At least I hope so. Damien and Renea are both sick, and my throat feels a little sore. I hear there are a lot of kids at Cole & Haley's school that have been absent with some kind of nasty cold that is burning through town, so heads up everyone!
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