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That's A Lot Of Nuts!!

I try very hard, you know? I try to wake up each morning and feel like there is just THE best day ahead of me, and that no matter what happens I'm going to make the most of it. For the past week (bordering on two) I have just felt completely out of touch with my normal sensibility. Yesterday Avery had me frustrated to the point of tears, simply because she was not having the best of days and we suspect she's cutting the last 4 teeth she has to go. At one point while watching Bruce Almighty with Damien last night after I put Ballistic Princess to bed, he looks over at me and says "You look like you're about to cry"... And I was, I really was! And anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a crier. But sometimes, the release of frustration is worth it. I didn't end up in tears, but I sure felt like I was going to.

Something happened last night that defies categorization for me. Something I never thought I would do. When Maggie came home, she, Nathan, their friend Charlie, and myself watched the last hour of Kung Pow - Enter The Fist. This is a movie I swore for the longest time was beneath me and would be insulting to watch.

I laughed my monkey ass off, no foolin'! It was hysterical. My apologies to photol, you were right - it was really funny. There are one liners flying left and right in my head today.

I was reading CNN and ran across this story that completely horrified me. I cannot believe this sort of thing happens in the world sometimes. And I read this one from Fox News and think that no one likes a sore loser, but then I don't like Republicans either, so... There are interesting stories out there, mind you, some like this one that make me giggle a little bit inside, they're just few and far between. These bitches, however, I'm at a loss.

So anyway, next Saturday (not this upcoming Saturday, the next one) is my Birthday dinner. I might Photoshop a little flyer for it and post it later, depending on if my mood improves. We shall see.

BTW - Bruce Almighty was pretty good, towards the end it got a bit too preachy for me but it was still a good movie all the same. I'm off to make black bean soup for lunch. Holla.
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