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I hate getting bad news about a friend, and especially when that person is about as good as one can possibly be. No sweetie, it isn't fair. It's not fair and it's not over, so you just hang on tight and let the rest of us help along the way. All my love to you, Arie!

"I told the priest don't count on any second coming
God got his ass kicked the first time he came down here slumming
He had the balls to come, the gall to die and then forgive us -
No, I don't wonder why
I wonder what he thought it would get us...

But God says jump, so I set the time
'cause if he ever saw it, it was through these eyes of mine
and if He ever suffered it was me who did His crying..."

- Andy Prieboy

I know that there are those who say when bad things happen to the best of people that it's part of "God's plan". Well, I would like you to tell Him next time you're praying that His plan sucks and he can shove it straight up his bitch ass.

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