Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Despite the skewed views of some, who make baseless assertions while claiming to believe in American values and the basic concepts of freedom and democracy, it is reassuring to know that people in positions of power in the world are capable of being objective to human rights issues and remaining partial to freedom for everyone to have the same rights as everyone else, regardless of their sexual orientation. In particular, parents in positions of power who are doing right by their children who are homosexual. It is also very refreshing to read something that makes sense in light of the issues as opposed to the same recycled rhetoric.

I have a lot of cleaning to do today, and a lot of moving things back to where they were. Yesterday was GREAT, and we did end up with a lot more food than expected. The house was so full of people that you could barely move! Everyone got enough to eat and spending time together was really nice. I met some new people and got to see family I really only get to see around the holidays, so it was good. The best thing was that I managed to cook for over 30 people and still had time to spare. The worst thing was that in the past three days I got maybe 12 hours of sleep. The plan last night was to go to bed afteeveryone left, but that changed. Maggie decided to spend the night at Shannon's house as they were getting up really early this morning to go shopping, and Mac stayed over here with us. Nathan's cousin David also stayed, so it kind of became an impromptu "Boys Night Out". I stayed up very late again, but mainly because they would have kept me up being loud so I figured if you can't beat 'em - might as well join 'em. We had fun just sitting around and bullshitting, and no one went anywhere. At one point they talked about going to a strip club (or the Shoe Show, as we call them here) but decided they were too tired. I announced at 2AM that I was going to bed, and they all decided it was time to sleep as well. Then my internal clock woke me ever faithfully at 7"30 this morning.

I'm taking my time with cleaning today, there's really nothing else I have going on and it's going to take me a while to get it all done and get the house put back together. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!
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