Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

This should have been a Halloween leftover, huh? No kidding, Cole is scared of Michael Jackson. He does look rather scary, no?

Damien and I had dinner this evening with our friend Mike and the subject of Cascade Hills Baptist Church came up. Damien mentioned how gaudy and flashy it was and how annoying the big flashing sign was from the J. R. Allen Parkway - and Mike said, very matter-of-factly "Oh, you mean Six Flags Over Jesus?" I swear, I lost it right then & there. Hald of Denny's was staring at us, I know they were. My guffawing could have been heard for miles. Then he goes on to say "Unless you see it from the other side, and then it's Fort Jesus..." I swear I love that man!
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