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At Last, the media gives us the not-too-often-enough seen Voice of reason...

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<font size="-2">From <a href=" TARGET="_blank"><u><b>Fox News:</b></u></a></font>
<a href=",2933,103584,00.html" TARGET="_blank"><b><u>Why are these parents letting their children sleep with Michael Jackson?</u></b></a>

<font size="-2">From <a href=" TARGET="_blank""><u><b>The American Prospect:</b></u></a></font>
<a href="" TARGET="_blank"><b><u>Partisan Paradox - Why Republicans, not Democrats, will pay a political price for the gay-marriage ruling</u></b></a>

<font size="-2">From <a href="" TARGET="_blank"><u><b>People For The American Way:</b></u></a></font>
<a href="" TARGET="_blank"><b><u>Just What the Right-Wing Ordered: Bush Enacts First Federal Ban on Abortion since Roe -V- Wade.</u></b></a> So basically ladies, these out-of-touch 60+ year old men are going to be in charge of your uterus and making the decisions on what you are allowed to do with it before it's over with. Why? Because they fucking suck, <b><u>that's</u></b> why.

I woke up from a sneezing fit at 3:30 this morning and it was very cold in the house. I got up and turned on the heat, then went back to bed and tried for almost an hour ro get back to sleep. I had flashbacks of the nightmare that woke me up night before last, which I think was somehow related to <a href=" TARGET="_blank""><b><u>The Ring</u></b></a> as there were many similarities. Most of my friends were scattered here and there in it, but the one that popped up the most often was <lj user="tiredofdreaming">. The part that woke me up was when I was holding Avery and walking around this large attic type space and Jennie was asking me what that humming noise was. I asked her what she was talking about and she pointed to the corner of the attic nearest us. I walked toward it, and as I got nearer Avery began squirming and hiding her face in the crook of my arm while repeating <i>"NO! NO NO NO!!"</i> to me. Once I was about 10 feet from the corner, the whole room lit up and there was a very loud buzz followed by the sounds of cracking glass and a screeching noise similar to fingernails across a chalkboard. There were also flashes of people in various stages of dismemberment. The whole time I was seeing them, they were being cut on by something or someone that was invisible. When they were being cut on, they were screaming out in horrendous pain - and when they weren't being cut on, they simply stared at me blankly and made no sounds at all. This I saw in flashes along with the light and noise in the corner of the room. When I snapped back to reality, I saw a window and went to look out and see the view. I saw Royal Street down below me and realized I was in the French Quarter in New Orleans. From the position of the place I was in, I knew I was in <a href="" TARGET="_blank""><b><u>Lalaurie Mansion.</u></b></a> It happened very fast and is all I can remember of the dream. This was the point that I woke up and was sufficiently freaked out enough to stay awake. <a href="" TARGET="_blank""><u><b>That house</b></u></a> (3rd photo down on the right) is really beautiful, but extraordinarily creepy and ominous if you're standing across the street looking up at it. It's still one of my favorites in New Orleans.

I'm really looking forward to next week. First Damien's birthday dinner and then Thanksgiving. I have no idea how we're going to seat everyone, but as long as they all get fed then that is all I care about. I'm just really looking forward to getting up early that morning and cooking. Today I'm going to make a list of my prep work, and a schedule to follow for that day.
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