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I got a visit from the Brothers Vargas yesterday afternoon, they brought me a copy of the new Nexus cd "The Beef" and I made them a copy of the pictures I shot for them and the graphics I made for the band. We had fun just sitting here bullshitting and listening to music. I'm very proud for them, it is quite an accomplishment to release a cd independently and I know it takes a lot of work and dedication. As soon as I get enough time alone and am in the right frame of mind, I'm going to listen to it in its entirety.

Last night was a lot of fun. Went to a mostly lesbian surprise birthday party for my friend Jesse, who is one of the sweetest souls you would ever want to meet. I wore a flannel shirt, jeans, and sensible shoes and was declared an honorary lesbo. I would have worn my cap, but it says "Pitcher" on it and that's only lesbionic if it says "Fast Pitch" and is worn by an actual softball playing lesbian. Met some interesting people, including a straight couple that I talked politics with for a long time - much to the obvious boredom and discomfort of Damien. Also met the cute-but-country-as-H A I L brother of one of the lesbians who thought I was Maggie's husband up until I pointed to Damien and explained that he and I were a couple. We all shared a laugh and he was a little embarrassed.

Anyhoo, onto the straight couple. After we were introduced and were talking for about 5 minutes, the husband and I began talking about our fathers. I mentioned my coming out to my parents when I was young, and he got this shocked look on his face and then kind of looked me up and down. I asked if something were wrong and he said "Oh no, not at all - I just never would have thought you were gay is all, you really don't come across like most gay men I've met!" I said "Yeah, I get that a lot."

At one point, they mentioned being Republicans and I felt my bile duct perk up. After a little banter on politics, foreign relations, Dubya, and Iraq, they began espousing some questionable views on race and so I played "Bait The Closet Racist" with them - but they didn't bite and that made me happy. Then the wife of the couple began the conversation on religion and I perked up even more. When I asked her what her religious views were, she mentioned Christianity and then went on to say something about evolution. I asked her what her feelings were on it, and her eyes grew wide and she kind of braced herself before telling me that she as far from an evolutionist as is possible to be. I said "So you're a creationist"? and she nodded affirmatively.

That was when I started smelling the chum, but before getting too excited I asked her if this meant that she discredited evolutionary theory and she replied that she just aligned herself with creationism but wasn't discounting the validity of evolution. I brought up abortion at some point, at which the husband turned to me immediately and asked "You're Pro, aren't you"? to which I replied "There is no such thing as Pro Abortion, but if you are inferring that I am Pro Choice, then yes - I am. Completely." He kind of left it alone at that point and she and I picked it up. Once she made it clear that she would never choose to have an abortion and didn't think it were acceptable to have it as a means of birth control, I explained that I was 100% in support of her choice not to have one. I told her that in making a decision, she was exercising her right to choose and that was the entire point of the Pro Choice movement. She agreed, and said something that REALLY impressed me as it was coming from a self proclaimed creationist/Christian/Republican. She told me that while it wouldn't be her personal choice, she was not in favor of some 60+ year old out of touch white guy in the legislaion deciding on what she could do with her own uterus. He started add something counteractive, but I cut him off by stating that this was a women's issue and that unless one actually had a uterus, one should consider not making an ass of oneself. He smiled at me and I said "I'll tell you what - next time YOU get cramps, I'll personally buy the Midol". He replied "Got it!" and had nothing more to offer on the subject. His wife all but high fived me, it was beautiful. All in all, it was a good conversation and I'd like to talk to them both more. It was close to 10:30, and being that I'm an old fart I asked Damien if he was ready to go and he said yes. We made our rounds of goodbye hugs and came home. Watched Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion (I fucking LOVE that movie) and I fell asleep watching Ellen Degeneres on HBO Comedy. I love that woman, she's someone I would love to be friends with.

To review.... Lesbians, Republicans, and the unmentioned (and truly unfortunate) Poop on the shoe incident that Dale (Jesse's girlfriend) had at the party which forced us all outdoors for a long time. Excluding that last bit, it was a really fun evening.
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