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The guest list for our Thanksgiving dinner this year has gone up - WAY UP... We're at 28 people now, and while we have delegated a lot of the food to people coming and bring a covered dish, the problem now is where the hell are we going to seat all of them???

So here's what Maggie & I are thinking. For all of my local LJ friends, think for me about who might have extra folding chairs/lounge chairs and folding tables, or at least who might have access to them. We have 12 chairs that can be used, but that's still nowhere near enough. What we want to do, pending the weather being cooperative, is set up long folding banquet style tables down the driveway and have candles everywhere. That way everyone can sit and eat together, if it's not too cool or unless it rains. This, provided of course that someone has extra folding tables and chairs that they're not going to be using.

I'm actually very excited about this, I love big Thanksgiving dinners. After I singlehandedly cooked and served everything for 18 people in '99, it's been a big thing for me. Maggie & I are cooking, Amy, Shannon, and Ann are cooking, and Paw Paw is bringing desserts.

Another thing I need is serving platters. Kind of like the ones you get from Publix. ::coughcoughdarkmagic124cough::

By the way, Damien's birthday present came by UPS yesterday, and it's so much more kick ass than I originally thought it was going to be. Now that I've had the opportunity to inspect it myself, I'm even more excited to give it to him than I was when I first found and ordered it! He's going to have a fit when he opens it, so make sure you bring cameras to the birthday dinner.

I'm getting really excited about next week!!
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