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I'm going to be sending out email reminders and other posts about Damien's birthday dinner, just to keep the idea fresh in everyone's mind.

We had yet another FANTASTIC dinner at Sushiko last night, and I've learned how to make their ginger salad dressing. Sometime soon I'm going to have to try it. I have that ability to taste things and know exactly how they are made and what goes into the recipe, so this one is a nice coup for me. I already know how to make Japanese restaurant style ginger and mustard sauces, and can pretty much make anything you can order from a hibachi at home. To include select sushi rolls and even nigiri. Last night I gorged on white tuna (which I never had before and was UH...MAH...GAH... good), yellowtail, California roll, Arizona roll, and lemon salmon which is my favorite. It all rocked balls. I'm telling you, if you love sushi and live in Columbus, there is none higher than Sushiko. I could eat there everyday, except for the days when I would choose Ok Sun.

Tonight we're staying in and watching Finding Nemo with the kids. We have Haley this weekend and she's never seen it. It's really cold this morning and my toes are frozen. I'm going to get off this computer and get moving, have a great day everyone!
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