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Newsworthy 'Marriage Protection Week' Sponsors Accused Of Little… 
17th-Oct-2003 09:43 am

'Marriage Protection Week' Sponsors Accused Of Little Interest In Strong Healthy Marriages: "This is Goliath vs. David multiplied exponentially." What a fantastic article, I love this site!

Bush's Marriage of Convenience with Anti-Gay Extremists

Republicans Push Pickering Nomination to Senate Floor Despite Dismal Record on Constitutional and Civil Rights: Senate Judiciary Committee Voted Nomination Down Last Year

Bush Authorizes Public Funding of Religious Discrimination: Executive Orders By-Pass Congress, Permit Religious Groups to Discriminate Using Federal Funds

Hell Freezes Over: People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas, Arch-Conservative Icon Grover Norquist Find Common Ground

I also found this, which I thought might be of interest: Lesbian and Gay Parenting. One of my closest friends, Shannon, is writing a paper for school and we found this for her research.

Maggie and Nathan are headed out of town today at noon. Avery and I are picking Cole up from school at 3, then later on he's going to Grandmommy's for the weekend. Shannon is coming to pick up Avery when she gets off of work this afternoon and keeping her for the weekend. This evening after Damien gets off work we're going to Publix to get stuff for me to make spaghetti & meatballs and fresh focaccia with tomatoes, olives, rosemary, and parmesan. Then some of you are coming to watch Matrix Reloaded this evening at 8PM, only I'm not sure who. Call me if you have any questions and to let me know you're coming. After that I'm going to spend some down time being alone, as it rarely ever happens. Tomorrow morning I'm going to Barnes & Noble for coffee and to work on the laptop and peruse books. If anyone wants to meet Damien & myself there, that's where we'll be - sometime around 9 or 10 I suppose.

Other than that, you all have a great day and a great weekend.
17th-Oct-2003 07:20 am (UTC)
One of the lessons I have learned for that whole adult_parenting cluster-f is to not let me emotions rule my actions. When you allow that to happen, the backlash is phenomenal.

But this 'Marriage Protection Week' crap still pisses my off so bad I want to punch something!!!!!
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