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Morning has broken... Get me a dustpan and a broom already!

Halloween: What's a Christian to Do? Oh for crying out loud. LET some Christer come knocking on the dorr on Halloween night. Someone else is going to have to dole out candy while I spend a good bit of my time explaining the concept of ignorance to someone.

Muslim girl suspended for head scarf. Speaking of ignorance, this is ridiculous as well. How is she harming anyone in wearing a hijab? Give me a fucking break, man. This is completely stupid. There are bigger, more imortant issues folks! Get your priorities out of your asses and get some REAL work done like actually EDUCATING these kids and not harping on a goddamned scarf. What's next, banning tunics?

Priest arraigned on harassment charges. Whoa there, nelly. What's this all about? He made prank calls, had some gay porn, an unliscensed handgun and some Nazi paraphernalia? Hmmm... Let me dissect this for you. Prank calls I can let go of, even though as a man of the cloth he should know better - but the Catholic Church is far more efficient at sweeping REAL issues under the proverbial rug so this one should be a non-issue. Gay porn? Well, I suspect that at least 50% of the clergy are closet moes anyway, so that's nothing. Besides, a vow of celibacy doesn't include masturbation, does it? One NEEDS good porn when one is celibate, lest one explode at the altar doling out eucharist wafers. the handgun issue - the guy lives in Queens, having a handgun is more like having a welcome mat in parts of Queens - just something one should have for the home. I'm not going to condone the Nazi stuff, but I will say that it's nothing I wouldn't expect. Look at their tactics for dog's sake! And after all, Hitler was a Catholic.

'Marriage Protection Week' Likely to Spark Debate. Um, yeah, because it's fascist B U L L S H I T, that's why! I... just... GAH!! ::explodes::

Last night, Maggie and I watched Grease and then afterward watched Dirty Dancing, both of us taking turns the entire time reciting and acting out all of the scenes and dialogue. It was fun. I'm tired today, and the weather isn't helping me perk up. I do feel better physically and my color is coming back a little. My throat is still sore, but it's better than it was - that's for sure.

Now to clean up the house. I didn't get the liscense plate number of the truck that drove through it. At least all of the laundry was finished yesterday.
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