Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

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Every Time A Republican Loudmouth Falls Off A Pedestal, An Angel Gets Its Wings


"Talent on loan from God..."

"Addiction on loan from his pusher..."

Oh MAN I'm laughing my ass off! Lush Limbaugh is a junkie and I'm LOVIN' EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! What a fucking hypocrite, this guy. I have waited for at least 10 years on something like this. I swear, all I need is for Dr. Laura Schlessinger to be involved in some bestial pedophilia scandal and for Ann Coulter to get gang raped by a liberal biker gang and it will be damned near a perfect day!

::does happy dance, goes back to couch to have another beer & laugh with Maggie & Nathan about the asshole of the decade::
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