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Minister seeks anti-gay shrine... For a preliminary image of this thing, click here.

Alright folks, I've got a plan brewing. Next year @ Gay Pride, anyone who marches with my group will do so in support of the slogan "Fred Phelps Is A Cunt". I'm going to design new t-shirts and make banners and posters to carry. With any luck, he'll be there again and I can personally smash him in his fucking face.

Republicans Relaunch the Antigay Culture Wars... THIS kind of bullshit is precisely why I have always been and will always be emphatically Anti-Republican. This insufferable garbage is nothing but fascism at best. This is an important agenda in light of everything else that needs attention in this country? This is important enough to the Republican party at a Senate/Congressional level that it is deemed necessary? What completely Anti-American assertions these are! I cannot convey how outraged I am by this...

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely garish man. My throat is raw and sore and my sinuses - just forget about it. Swallowing too hard makes me gag, that's how swollen and sensitive my throat and sinuses are. This shit is ridiculous! When am I going to get over this thing? I'm sick of being sick!

Just goddamnit, man.

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