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I have had MAYBE 7 hours of sleep in the apst two days and I feel like complete and utter... um... something vile. Yeah, that's it - something vile.

The good news of the day is as follows:

  1. Damien got his bedliner installed in his truck, something he's been wanting for a while now.

  2. Maggie got the verdict back on her first disability case, it came back fully favorable - which means she got the client like $50K, and she gets 25% of that. ::summons enough energy to do the cabbage patch::

  3. Wherehouse Music over in Bradley Park Crossing is going out of business or moving or something, so we're about to go over there and check out the sales.

  4. It's supposed to storm later, so with any luck I'll get some rest today.

  5. We're going to try and go over to Paul's house this evening, with any luck he'll let me photograph him. He has these fantastic arms, plus he's 6'6" tall and I've never photographed anyone that tall before. Might present new challenges.

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