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Slumber Party 2003 Antics Thus Far...

For starters, Haley's 12th birthday has been great. We had a great dinner earlier and she racked up in presents. The cake that darkmagic124 made was not only fabulous looking, but was incredibly heavy on the yummy factor. Thanks Amber!! Then we came here to the house for the slumber party to begin...


Here's the thing. We might be getting old, we might not be as "hip" and knowledegable as to what is "cool" and what is "like SO lame!!" and all, but we are NOT without our tricks as well. In attendance are Haley, Sarah, Kayla, Morgan, Illeigh, Cole, and Sydney. The first fun thing they did was to take turns making prank calls to random people in the phone book in Haley's room... That was until Sydney's Dad James took Maggie's cell phone into the front yard and called the house as "Officer Johnson of the Columbus PD" asking about the excessive complaints about prank calls coming from this address. Maggie, Amy & I were all "Oh my god!! Who called the cops??!?!?! Why are the cops here??!?!?!!? This totally freaked the girls out, they were scared as hell until we all started laughing and the jig was up. They thought it was funny eventually, but were quite pissed at first.

Then they decided they were going to watch a movie. We popped popcorn for them. We gave them a nice comfy fold out couch to watch the movie on...


Then we cut the power to the house at the fuse box and Illeigh and Sydney's dads bumrushed in through the living room windows home invasion style in Jason costumes with fake machetes and scythes and silly string and fogohorns and terrorized the everliving SHIT out of them! We flipped the lights on and off and the looks on their faces were priceless - popcorn and silly string were flying all over the place, and screams galore! It was great, man.

Now we're getting ready to walk around the block to roll a house with toilet paper.

We rule.

The Next Morning...

After the girls were taken around the block to roll Nathan's mother's house, they came back here and wanted us to tell scary stories. We made them all congregate in Haley's room on the air mattresses and lit a single candle. The rule was if you were telling a story, you had to hold the candle when you spoke. They were getting SERIOUSLY freaked out and three of them eventually left the room - and I told the mother of all scary stories for 12 year old girls... Needless to say, they were up until 4:30AM because they were too scared to sleep. I baked three dozen cinnamon rolls for them and currently they are sitting at the table and gettin' they nosh on. They've had a great time and are going on and on about how much fun they've had.

Again, we rule.
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