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Toddler survives three weeks alone on ketchup, dry pasta. I read… 
30th-Sep-2003 08:58 am
Toddler survives three weeks alone on ketchup, dry pasta. I read this and my eyes welled up with tears. Someone kill these fucking "parents". I'm not fucking kidding, they should be out to death for this shit. Unfuckingbelievable. She was in jail on unrelated charges for three fucking weeks and never told anyone her 2 year old daughter was alone in the apartment - and where the fuck was the child's father? Three weeks go by and you're not checking up on your own child? If we're not going to kill this cunt, then make sure she gets sterilized and then sew the bitch up so she can't have sex anymore. And as far as the sperm donor goes, he should be castrated. What the fuck is wrong with people? Speaking of, this isn't "hazing", it's RAPE you stupid motherfuckers! And yet AGAIN speaking of stupid motherfuckers, senate Republicans readied an $87 billion package for Iraq and Afghanistan on Monday that would give President Bush less flexibility than he wants and bar using the funds to repay Saddam Hussein's foreign debts. Um, what the bloody fuck, man? This is just some concept because there are no appropriations for this amount of money - but it does shed a little more illumination on the fact that people in THIS country need that money. According to the Office of (Mis)Management and (Lack of) Budget as of this morning, the deficit for 2003 is now estimated at $455 billion, up from the $304 billion deficit estimated in February with an estimated $20 billion more by 2004. I am so fucking outraged right now I can't even finish my thought - and it was a good one as well. See for yourself the Deficit summary..

Just when you thinki it couldn't get worse with the stupid people, I find more of them... These guys take the cake. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And this: Racist Imagery Taints New Video Game...

And this too: Racist Frat Party At Duke...
30th-Sep-2003 07:11 am (UTC)
I swear, this world makes me sick. I just don't understand what these "people" are thinking.... oh, wait. THEY AREN'T!!!
30th-Sep-2003 07:22 am (UTC) - Suggestion
Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

I love you

30th-Sep-2003 09:50 am (UTC) - oh come now, Jude...
You know when a woman says no, what she really means is,

"Climb on top of me against my will and rob me of my dignity and emotional well being while edifying your bent sense of masculinity all in the name of having the excuse of 'good fun' later."

Damn those women who know they want it and play hard to get.
30th-Sep-2003 10:47 pm (UTC) - *sigh*
so depressing. Im in US history right now and it makes me less and less proud every day
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