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Queer Eye For The Straight Guy - The Drinking Game [courtesy of gregmce]

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy -- The Drinking Game
by Greg McElhatton

Take a drink every time...

The straight guy has dirty dishes in his sink.
The straight guy has underwear on the floor.
The straight guy's tub has so much dirt you thought it was a pattern.
The straight guy shaves against the grain.
Carson says, "Let's motor."
Carson tells someone to "tjuzs" up their clothes; two drinks if someone else says it.
Carson makes the straight guy hug him.
Carson's outfit is terrifying.
Thom speaks in a fake southern accent.
Thom throws everything out in a room.
Thom mentions Benjamin Moore paints.
Ted's food is unappreciated by the straight people.
Ted's food is messed up badly by the straight guy.
Ted is groped by another member of the Fab 5.
Kyan is having a bad hair day.
Kyan says the word "product"; two drinks if it's in reference to putting the product in at the back of the head and moving it forward.
Kyan comes onto the straight guy while they're immobilized at the spa.
Jai gives the straight guy free tickets to something.
Jai has done absolutely nothing of importance by the halfway point.
Jai is insulted by one of the other Fab 5 members.
One of the Fab 5 is wearing flip-flops.

Take two drinks every time...

The straight guy is wearing tighty-whiteys.
You see the straight guy's ass crack.
Jai does something very important in the episode.
Any of the Fab 5 eat or try to eat the straight guy's food.
The Fab 5 break something belonging to the straight guy.
The Fab 5 find the straight guy's porn.
It's an episode with Blair, since it just reminds you that Jai was an improvement.

Take three drinks if...

You change part of your life because of a suggestion from the show.

Start drinking and don't stop until it's over if...

The straight guy goes commando.

Optional &/or Alternate points

Take one drink when...

A sponsor gets their name shown on the screen.
Kyan bitches about how the straight guy shaves.
Jai sings.
Carson makes a double-entendre.

Take two drinks when...

The straight guy gets bleeped upon entering his redecorated place.
Any of the Fab 5 comment on a woman's breasts or cleavage.

Take three drinks when...

Ted uses a flame-thrower.

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