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I'm re-reediting/rewriting my articles/columns for the magazine, as I have for hours and hours on end. I went last night to zip everything into one file to send to Renea, and only found my Grace review on my hard drive. The CD-R data that I backed up does not have any of my other stuff on it, namely my G'N'R review or my Ask An Atheist Q&A, so I'm having to recall from memory a lot of stuff and backtrack through journal posts here and there to find the Q&A bits for the Atheist column. I'm trying not to get angry about it, as that won't help me get it done, but when I get to a point where I become too frustrated or otherwise stressed out, I look at this:

Nothing quite like Kermit tappin' dat ass to put things into perspective. All that having been said, I'm pretty irritated about it all and am thinking seriously about stomping Avery's tickle-me-Elmo doll.

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