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Sushikooooo.... on my tummyyyyyyy.... makes me happyyyyyy....

Maggie and I were craving sushi, so we went to Sushiko for lunch today. We had fried rice, a California roll, a spicy tuna roll, and a cucumber roll. Oh yeah, and the salad with that yummy ginger dressing I love so much. I've decided that sushi is one of the best antidepressants in the world. There are a few others, but that's one of the main ones. I could eat at Sushiko every day of my life, hands down the best Japanese restaurant in town. And the entire staff love us and treat us like we're their best customers, they even know what we're going to order 9/10 of the time before we order it. They have this phenominal futomaki roll called the "Trust Me" roll - if ever you go, that's the one to get. It's a tuna and avocado roll with yellowtail on the top of it, like nigiri - spicy sauce over the yellowtail, and they broil it for like 1 minute to barely brown the sauce... FOODGASM!! I have a thing for gari as well, I eat it with everything. I was told there is a new Vietnamese restaurant on Airport Thruway, I want to go there soon. Hope they have good Pho! Anyone tried it?

Maggie and I are both struggling with the sinus yuckies, only hers is much worse than mine is. I'm in the process of simmering sauce for Penné alla Vodka, which is what they decided on for dinner.

I got my rain today, but there was no thunder or lightning so that was kind of a let down. No worries though, it'll be back soon enough.

I'm in the strangest mood today. Hard to identify. I think I want to do something, and no... I get a craving for something, then nothing sounds good to me. I'm totally indecisive today. And still totally uninspired. Sushiko was the only thing that I was completely resolved to, now taht I think about it. I spent almost an hour making two new icons - one Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, the other one was Reno 911! - and trashed them both because they didn't look like I wanted them to.

I think I'm just going to take several pictures of my own head and animate them into a new icon.

Oh yeah - I thought of another thing that makes me happy - the music they play on Trading Spaces when they're about to do a reveal. That makes me happy.

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