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St. Paddy's Day

Ths weekend was pretty interesting to say the least! I'm looking forward to getting off work in 3 more hours and getting a few things from the grocery store. I'm making corned beef and colcannon for dinner, in keeping with the American tradition of bastardizing other cultures' holidays. Ho hum. Besides, there's something about St. Patrick's day and Irish food that says to me "Be lazy, and bitch about utter nonsense if it be your pleasure and to your liking", in the accent of my friend John who is actually from Belfast. He's the one who told me the joke "What do you call a drunken Irishman passed out on your porch? - Paddy O'Furniture" ::snicker::

Friday was the Jennifer show, and she put on one hell of a show I must say. It got wierd at first, because of the crowd that showed up. Andrew and I went early, and walked down to that new Caribbean restaurant (Rose's Caribbean Food) and MAN was it good. We were the sole white folks in there, and they were playing fantastic music. Like Rufus and old MJ - like "Off The Wall" & "Rock With You" old, you get the idea.

So anyway, I go back to the Tap and am hanging out when Casey's sister Lynette (a sweetheart) shows up with her new boyfriend. We're catching up and what not when she spills the beans that Casey & Paige are supposed to come. I thought "Oh, I'm SO SURE he's really gonna show up here!"

Then in walks Cunt Whore Bitch ::eyeroll/gag/groan/mutter:: I thought "FUCK! You're still alive? Goddamnit......." Proof #1,745,298 that there is no God - Cunt Whore Bitch still lives, at least here in Columbus. 'Nuff said, she's not worth the scabs she has to peel off in order to have sex. Motherfuck her.

Lynette comes to me later and tells me that they had just driven by the Tap, that they got into an argument and went back home but Paige was coming back by herself. So you know me, I'm all "Again, I'm SO SURE - what about this, what about she makes a decision in her own best interests? How about we go for the whole FAT CHANCE package, hmm?" I went on to bullshitting with Jenn & Brooke and getting her merchandise set up. Sooner or later, Paige does in fact show up, albeit sans Casey. I loked up and there she was, waving at me. I waved back and went on about my way. She comes to me later before the show and asks me if I'm still mad at her, I looked at her like "Have I gone MAD, or do I believe what I'm hearing?" She then told me that I missed Shannon's birthday, that no matter how pissed off I was about her decisions that I could have called and wished Shannon a happy birthday.

First of all, 4 year olds are all about presents and cake and shit, not about getting a fucking phone call. Second, no call came from HER to Cole on HIS birthday. Third, that's pretty fucked up to use that excuse as a way to try and solicit sympathy, guilt, or break my peace of mind about my decision. But there you go. I was just about to tell her how fucked up it was for her to even bring that up, when it occurred to me that this weekend was the 11th anniversary of her brother Jerry's death. I knew how hard this was for her, so I decided to just be apathetic and not intigate a conversation. Not that I had a remote interest in one anyway.

Halfway through "Story Of Your Bones", she comes back over to me drunk as hell and bawling and reaching out to me. I hugged her and held her through the song, and let her cry and tell me how much she missed her brother. When the song was over and she calmed down, I mentioned to her that if Psychotic Motherfucker cared thing 1 about her that he'd be there for her at that moment and not just me - but that it always seemed that I was there for her every time she needed it and he was instead trying to ruin it for her. She pleaded with me to tell her that I still loved her, I assured her that I did - I can disaprove and still love her at the same time. She told me that or the record, I was right. I asked her if there was ever really a question about that. She told me that she knew it, but that it was so hard for her to be alone. I told her bullshit, putting up with the shit you get put through is the harder part, being alone is actually better because it gives the opportunity for the people who REALLY love you to come around and there's no one making life harder than it has to be. Then came the endless barrage of cell phone calls, I hugged her, sighed my "I'm disgusted now, gotta go floss my teeth - excuse me" sigh and walked off.

I got to see Ang, Rhonda, and Shannon Croft which was great - they make me happy. Jenn came to me after the show and asked me to come hang out with her and spend some time before I left. We did, and it was very cool. She maintained again that she was always happy when I came to her shows and we could spend time together, because she doesn't get to see me as much as she would like. I pointed out that I'd never miss her shows, and besides - she'd hunt me down and kill me if I did. She looked at me, grinned, hugged me, and said "You're DAMNED right I would!" We had fun just huddling over in a corner and being silly.

She and Todd now own Eddie's Attic! WAHOO!! She confirmed the rumor for me. She's a little nervous about it initially, and I can certainly understand that - but then, she'd worry about it anyway knowing that it is a good decision because that's just how she is. She laughed when I mentioned the "Tom thing", and told me "I know I'm not that transparent, it's just that you know me that well". She told me that next show she wanted to meet Kevin. I told her "Hell, I just want to see him MYSELF again!"

So basically that was my weekend. I'm in a good mood, but could really use a nap. And the weather's GREAT! I cannot wait to get outside and be barefoot again!

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