Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

For my friends in the newest unfolding drama

I can understand where everyone has a point to make - but wouldn't it be better for all if you would simply MAKE your points intelligently and stop making bad situations even worse? You aren't children, so why behave like them? Do you guys learn nothing from past events? Some people learn better by example than by sarcasm, some people respond better to calm rationalization and the knowledge that your opinions aren't the sum total of your being. We are all a lot more than our thoughts and feelings. Let's face it, if I measured all of you guys by the opinions you have that are different than mine then we wouldn't even BE friends. We are a tribe. In order to work, we cannot go jumping on the perceived weaknesses of others. We have a responsibility to take care of our own. It is one thing to be hurt over a wound, it is entirely another to sit by idly and let the wound grow infectious. All of you bitching the loudest, stop for a minute and think about it before you make yourselves suspect to being a bigger disappointment than you already are. We are not responsible for the actions of others, only our reactions to them.

Actual headline from MSNBC: The Hidden Life Of Fetuses... As opposd to the public life they normally lead in a glass womb? What, are we going to see video of them shooting dice up against the placenta?

In other news, the Emmy Awards might be put off as a result of hurricane Isabel, but the entertainment lawyers for the major networks were planning on efforts to have the hurricane banned from making landfall so that the highly sacred show might carry on. I'm personally hoping that we will at least get some thunderstorms out of it, and that it doesn't just sweep up to the north and leave us high and dry.

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