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Update on my cousin Stephanie

Cause of death named in motel murder: Drowning

I was also told that she had a two month old baby I knew nothing about. There aren't enough tears for this entire situation. I'm almost dry from this week as it is and exhausted from trying to hide it. This entire week has been nothing but a series of rude shocks, relentless dissappointments, and hours of mourning. I've officially had all I can take as a result.

If anyone needs me for the next 24 hours, then I'm sorry but it is not very likely that I will be available to anyone. I'm going to Cole's soccer game in a little while, then coming home and working on my tutorials and a few Photoshop projects of my own. And sleep - I want to try and catch up on sleep as I haven't been sleeping much. If anything, I might throw on my headphones and ride my bike this evening, but that is all. That provided I can find the tire pump as my tires are flat. Other than that, the world will have to get along without me because I'm taking the day off.

"...And I don't want to feel this overwhelming hostility."
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