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Today I feel better than I have in a week. Still coughing and some congestion in my chest, but I'll take that rather than be like I have been.

Jennifer will be here tomorrow for the cd release concert at the Tap, I have SO much to do tomorrow beforehand that it isn't even funny.

I'm kind of wishing Kevin would return my call, I want to see how he's feeling and if he's still up to going to the show. Who knows. I know he's been very ill, but it's still disappointing to not be able to talk to him or at least see how he's been.

Tonight is the staff meeting at the station, and I'm going to see EXACTLY what is going on there. From what I'm heaing and seeing, we're in for some big changes. The format change doesn't bother me so much, it's my job to play the music - not like it. We'll see exactly what is happening once this meeting gets underway. Who's really going, who's staying, what's next, etc. etc...

Kevin - if you read this before I get the chance to talk to you, please give me a call at home.
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