November 2nd, 2009

Moving Itinerary/Going Away Party

In a little over 2 weeks, we will be making the move to Arizona. Damien's last day of work here is Thursday the 19th, and before I go to bed that night EVERYTHING will be properly packed into boxes. We get the U-Haul truck on Friday the 20th, load up that day and then get some rest before heading out at 0'dark:30 Saturday the 21st. We'll be stopping for the night right about halfway in San Antonio, then arriving in Phoenix on Sunday the 22nd. Depending on the time of day we'll unload the truck that following Monday, the 23rd, turn the truck in that day or the day after, and then spend a few days getting everything situated in the new condo.

Speaking of the new condo, it is S-W-A-N-K! Here's a virtual tour of it. Don't hate. Also, there's a lake across the street from us, and it's right around the corner from Trader Joe's - one of my most favorite places to shop EVAR.

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I'm going to be using my Dreamwidth blog to document the move and life in Arizona, everything will be crossposted here though. I'll be making status updates to Facebook while we're on the road to check in and let everyone know where we are and how we're doing, and in case I cannot post normally from the road to here I'll make voice posts.

Our going-away party is happening at Maggie's house This Saturday, so there will be lots of pictures coming from that.

Everyone has been SO fantastic and loving and encouraging and supportive and generally wonderful, more than I could even ask for in fact, and all in all I'm very excited about the move and the new adventures awaiting us on this new part of our family's journey. I know the homesickness is coming down the road and I'm in for rough days ahead sooner or later, and I'm ready for it, as long as it doesn't happen while we're still here. I can do this as long as I keep it together until we land, and if I can manage that (and I have all the faith in myself I could possibly have that I will) then that will be more than half of my battle.

Just breathe, Brad...