October 23rd, 2009

Double Barrelled


I am compiling a list of links, points of reference, and resources for a write-up that may not happen until Sunday, essentially to prove how this abject BULLSHIT about how the White House/Obama Administration 'declaring war' on Fox News is much ado about nothing. If you have any links that might help, please post them in comments - will credit those who make the effort to do so.

Seriously, it's pissing me off that this is even necessary, but I'm just about half past giving a shit and frankly, otherwise reasonable and logical people are buying into the nonsense - it needs to be set straight for once, so I'm asking for anyone who wants to contribute something here to do so now - I'm short on time, but I really need to do this.

Post as many links as you like in comments citing valid sources where Fox News is flat out lying, being disingenuous, or otherwise - and if possible, counterpoints to debunk their claims. Snopes.com, FAIR.org (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting), you name it - I want it all, as many sources as you can link to. Please, try to avoid blogs unless they cite credible sources of reference and not just opinion/commentary pieces, there are plenty enough of those - I'm talking brass tacks.

Thanks in advance!