October 13th, 2009

Teacher Update: She Wrote Back Again!

This was the response I got a little while ago. I had asked her if she wanted to go to the premiere of Where The Wild Things Are on Friday with me, considering she's not only the one who introduced me to that book but also taught me how to read it:

You have truly touched my heart. Seldom do teachers receive such an honor from former students. Your letter elegantly describes what I have always loved... teaching and children. Yet, you have allowed me to see my passion through a student's eyes. You have made so many wonderful memories come rushing back... the bath tub, Charlotte's Web, multiplication drills, and that huge roll of poster board.

In the 1970's, I had just begun my teaching career and knew I had made the right decision the first day I walked through the doors of South Columbus. Students like you kindled my passion for teaching for thirty-two years. Though I have now retired, the passion is still there!

I remember when your dad brought that HUGE roll of poster board to our class. He made a son proud and a teacher happy. In those days, supplies were extremely limited. Thanks to your dad, we had enough poster board to create all our class projects. I’ll never forget the size of that roll of poster board and my excitement when your dad brought it into our classroom.

I laughed when I read your comments about the bathtub. I must admit that I had as much fun with that bathtub as you did. I’m surprised I didn’t have “my day” in the bathtub. I do remember getting in on several occasions. Yes, I was a kid at heart! I guess that is why I loved teaching so much!

I am delighted to know that my love for reading was instilled in you. From your Facebook page, it is quite apparent that this love has enabled you to accomplish many life dreams and goals. Your excitement is evident in your Facebook postings.

This former teacher beams when she reads your profile. At age 38, your accomplishments are numerous. What’s more important, you are happy! You know what you want and can stand on your own merit. Brad, I am proud of you! Never stop dreaming. Make those dreams accomplished goals. Stay happy, strong, loving, and determined! I wish you much success as you add a new chapter to your life. Embrace Arizona as you have Columbus, Georgia.

I would love to go see Where the Wild Things Are with you. An early Friday matinee would be perfect.

With love,