October 3rd, 2009


Go read this. Right now.

EDIT 10/06-09 12:16PM EST

The level of discourse in the comment threads has become intolerable. I have not been keeping up with the threads to this post because I'm in the process of packing up my entire life and moving to the other side of the country in the space of one month, and trying to squeeze in as much time with loved ones as possible. I'm about to leave the only home I've ever known for almost 40 years and I'm under tremendous stress, that is why I haven't jumped into the fray until now - but enough is enough.

Whether you're on my friends list or not, I ask that you learn to respectfully agree to disagree with one another, or you can cease commenting here. Keep it up and I'll outright ban you. I am not asking you to agree with me or anyone else, but if you wish to remain welcome here you WILL get hip to the fact that I don't need this, not now, not ever - but especially at this difficult time in my life.

I'm all for arguing your position, as long as you are able to defend yourself and treat others with respect, even when that may be hard to do. If you cannot manage to treat others with respect, take some responsibility and do not engage them - or at least take it elsewhere. If they don't deserve your respect, then don't bother talking to them in the first place. Either way, take responsibility for your behavior and do not disrespect people in my journal. Putting words in other people's mouths, gross exaggeration, making accusations on personal bias that you couldn't possibly substantiate fairly REGARDLESS of your position, and yet some of you have the nerve to call shame on someone else? How ironic that being so self righteous blinds you to your own hypocrisy. You people who are so hellbent on calling someone else out, let's see how good you are at taking your own medicine.

Comments are now all locked down and screened only for me to see, and I'll look at them and consider responding when I feel myself stronger and not so prone to a fucking nervous breakdown. If you have behaved yourself, then obviously I'm not talking to you so don't take it personally.