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I can't handle one more thing, there's too much already

I'm not sure how I feel today. There is so much going on. Today is very sureal.

I found out more about Mama, she didn't have a stroke afterall. She has what is called Bell's Palsy. Her right eye will not close on its own so they have to tape it down and she has some paralysis in her throat and esophagus which makes swallowing difficult. She's on some very powerful medication and will hopefully recover from this. I'll know more later.

Today is the 10th anniversary that someone tried to kill my brother Todd, I'd forgotten the exact date until my sister Shay told me last night. The guy that did it is still in prison, the judge threw every book possible at him during the trial. It's a long story, and I really don't have the energy right now. Shay told me that my Aunt Lila (the one I cannot stand) had a triple bypass surgery last week, at which point I asked her "So basically what you're telling me is the doctors confirmed that she DOES, in fact, have a heart afterall..." which made her laugh. Then she told me the other news, the stuff I cannot even deal with right now.

Sometime this week, I don't know exactly when, my 2nd cousin Stephanie was stabbed to death in a hotel room in Rome. She was 19 years old. The police arrested two people in connection with the murder, but the authorities there have only released some of the details to our family. In an effort to prevent her body from being identified, they cut off all of her fingers and beat her face in beyond recognition. There's more, a lot more, but again - I don't have the energy. There's a story about it in the Rome News-Tribune. I cannot remember what she looked like.

And all of this on the 2nd anniversary of 9/11...

I need all of my friends to come to the Riverwalk this evening, please. If you possibly can, I need you there. Pass it on, post about it in your journals if you're local, whatever you can do to get people there.

And send me energy - I need all I can get.

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