December 25th, 2008



I've had a very long but very great day. I got to see all of my babies except for Haley and everyone has had a great Christmas. I have my boys with me tonight and while we were outside earlier I really had to take stock of how fast they are growing up. In a week, Cole will be 12 and in a little over a month Jake will be 16. I made a giant pot of spaghetti and meatballs for their dinner and cookies for dessert. They're beside me now on the couch playing Xbox and have already said repeatedly how much they enjoy the time here, and that we need to do this more often. On the way here, Jake thanked D and I for bringing him home with us for the night. Cole got here later and thanked me for having him over and I told him that it was his idea - to which he replied "Well then, thanks for making my idea even better".

They're so big. I've been carefully observing them and we've been doing a lot of talking about everything, and LOTS of laughing (I've lost count of the penis jokes/references). Every once in a while I'll get flashes of each of them as infants, as toddlers, as preschoolers, as elementary school students, and I'm overwhelmed at how beautiful and perfect and thoughtful they are, and how proud I am to still be part of this extraordinary experience of co-parenting. They are significant pieces of the best things that have ever happened to me; each hug, smile, and "I love you" is the most rewarding gift I could have ever wished for. I'm still amazed that they are willing to show such affection at these ages, but considering the two of them, I'm really not surprised.

Life is really amazing if you let it be. I have a truly fantastic life.