December 8th, 2008

8 Days Of Happy Meme: Day 1

My friend Dean (envirobear) tagged me for a new meme wherein I am charged with posting what makes me happy each day for the next 8 days.

I have to tag 8 people to follow suit. I choose:
  1. yellowmono
  2. city_of_dis
  3. paterson_si
  4. jkusters
  5. kiwi59
  6. bigfundrew
  7. rzrxtion
  8. tilia_tomentosa

For my first day of happy, I choose the fact that Damien called me while leaving work today to inform me that after the first of the year he will be traveling for work for close to 2 months, off and on. What makes me happy about this is not the fact that I get some alone time at home, but that I have a love so great that the prospect of such time apart from one another brought me almost to the point of tears just considering it. What a wonderful thing to love someone so deeply that the prospect of more than a few days at a time away from him brings me great emotional pain - that to be away from him for any length of time really is just not what I can stand for very long. I adore this man, I have said before many times that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am happier than I have ever been before.

The acomplishment of achieving this great love is one thing, but taking care to sustain it by taking care of each other is what makes us a family and what makes our house a true home. In this frustrating world and at this difficult time for so many people I know just how fortunate I am and how incredible all of this is which is why I do not take it for granted. I'm far too grateful to just have him as a partner to spend too much time mourning the relatively short time I'll have to make do without him.

I do not look forward to that time away from him, in fact I'm rather dreading it but we've spent a week apart from each other here and there and can manage it again because we have no other choice. I just think it is remarkable that I have chosen someone I've committed my life to that is the caliber of person he is, that possesses the depth of character he has worked so hard to cultivate and maintain, and adores me to boot.

I am a very happy man, even with this head cold!