November 15th, 2008


Not long ago, a friend sent me a cracked copy of Photoshop CS3 on a DVD disc. Awesome. Except for 2 things. At the time I was only running XP, which favored CS2 - CS3 is more compatibly run on Vista. Now that I have the new computer, I am running Vista Home Premium. Awesome. Except the disc with CS3 on it was burned from a Mac, and therefore the file is a Mac specific .dmg file, which I cannot open.

There is a way to convert it using a program called MagicISO, which requires spending cash I simply don't have at the moment and the process to use it is really complicated no doubt will fry my brain slap the fuck out.

Does anyone have a suggestion, a solution, or better yet, a cracked copy of CS3 for Windows?

I cannot afford to but new shit, I just got a new computer and it's way too close to the holidays for me to be spending more money on myself - but I need this for work and am kinda stuck.

Send help, pls.


Found a (hopefully) good torrent, will see what happens after it finishes and gets the crap scanned out of it...


Nevermind - YES WE CAN HAZ!!