October 9th, 2008

Is She For Real?

Sarah Vowell on The Daily Show
So I'm watching The Daily Show, and Jon Stewart is about to interview Sarah Vowell. She comes walking out, and I immediately thought "Holy shit, why is Rachel Dratch playing Debbie Downer as a novelist whose name is Sarah Vowell?" Then she started to talk and I was really confused.

Did Debbie Downer evolve from this woman, did Sarah Vowell see that first SNL skit and have the same epiphany Arthur had in Velvet Goldmine and was all "THAT'S ME!! THAT'S ME, THAT IS!" whilst gesturing excitedly at the TV screen? Or is this all just coincidence?

I dig Sarah Vowell. The highlight of this video for me was her talking about the current state of affairs we're all in, and in her mousy monotone she goes "Luckily there's leadership to inspire... I can't even get it through that sentence..." When Stewart responds that she can't even be sarcastic about it anymore, she fires back "I know, I can't, I'm dead inside." Then there's the zinger about how if the east coast was American enough for Al Qaeda, it should be American enough for people like Sarah Palin and John McCain, in the context of them coming to NYC and appropriating the pain of the city after 9/11 and yet going elsewhere and discussing how they talk shit about NYC and its alleged snobbery.

Sarah Vowell writes about the elitist 17th century Jesus freak Puritans in her new book The Wordy Shipmates, which I'm sure is equally funny in its staunch defense of elitism as she is.