October 4th, 2008

Update #3

daisy_down (Christi, my sister and Jake's mother) has made a post about what happened at Jake's school. You can read it here.

The decision has been made (with Jake's approval) to go ahead and speak to the media about this incident and what should happen next and from now on, so I'm sure we'll be keeping everyone on board with what is going on down here. I'll be posting links to our local news agencies as well as the newspaper, with links to the Letters To The Editor section for those of you who would like to offer your own take on it and raise awareness.

On a more personal note, I thank each and every one of you that has commented, called, spoken in person with me, blogged, and even cried with me over the past two days. This was a very hard thing to accept, but I have come to fully understand that we are very fortunate it played out as it has and with that fortune comes responsibility.

Now the work begins on making sure these children feel safe and not afraid.