August 29th, 2008



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File Under: I Couldn't Make This Up

Much is being said of Sarah Palin (Pronounced PAY lin, not PAHL in) currently on the right. This particular gem comes from Ed Rollins, who served as political director for President Reagan, is a Republican strategist and was national chairman of Mike Huckabee's campaign.
She is blunt, outspoken and charming. And don't assume she can't stand toe-to-toe with Joe Biden. She is a great debater. And she was runner-up for the Miss Alaska title, won Miss Congeniality in that contest, and plays the flute.

Yes, yes, yes! Nothing like a flute playin' beauty queen to take charge on foreign policy and have a knowledge of inside-the-beltway politics! Don't think about that for too long or blood will fly out of your nose.

Much to say on all of these events in the past 24 hours, just no time to sit and write about them - but that one had to be put out there.
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