July 27th, 2008

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Shia LaBeouf starred in the recent
Indiana Jones film with Harrison Ford
Shia LaBeouf held after road accident

Indiana Jones star Shia LaBeouf has been arrested on suspicion of drink-driving after a road accident in Hollywood, US authorities have said.

Mr LaBeouf was the driver of a vehicle which crashed in the early hours of Sunday morning, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.

The actor and his passenger were hurt in the collision, but it is unclear how serious their injuries were.

A spokesman said police officers arrested the 22-year-old at the scene.

The incident took place at 0300 local time (1100 BST).

Mr LaBeouf, who has not yet been charged, recently starred in Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull alongside Harrison Ford.

He also starred in the recent Transformers movie.

Last November he was arrested for refusing to leave a pharmacy in Chicago, blaming the incident on "complete and utter insanity". Charges were later dropped.

He later told chat show host David Letterman: "Drinking and driving is one thing, but drinking and shopping - it's just as bad."

In April, charges against him for breaking a smoking ban were dismissed by a Californian judge.

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What Else Is In The Teaches Of Peaches?

Direct from the farmer's packing plant
Peaches from Reynolds, GA
Fresh Georgia Peaches!

I got about a half a case (a little over 2 dozen peaches) from my in-laws yesterday from a local farmer's packing plant. We come by a lot of peaches each year here in west-central Georgia, and I always put them to good use. These were on the verge of being too ripe, so I had to go ahead and process them so they wouldn't go to waste.

After a certain point of ripeness, they're only good for ice creams, sorbets, smoothies, and coulis. I wanted some to retain their near perfect texture for cobblers, cakes, pies, and the like, which meant getting them out of their skins and off their pits for freezer storage.

To process them properly, you'll need a large pot of barely simmering water. Fill a large bowl (or sink) with ice water. Score the bottoms of the peaches with an X about an inch across and drop several of them into the simmering water for about 30 seconds - then immediately lift them from the hot water and plunge them into the ice water.

This will loosen the skins from the flesh of the peaches without rendeeing them too soft and pulpy as they would be from regular cooking. Peel the skins from the peaches with your fingers and/or a paring knife is necessary starting from the scored bottoms and gently working your way around. This technique also works for tomatoes, incidentally.

I ran a knife around the peaches using the seam side as a guide to cut around the circumference of the pits, then gently separated the halves and removed the centers with a melon baller. Some were sliced, some chopped, the ripest of the bunch will be pureed for later uses.

Before dinner, I made a peach upside-down cake with a recipe lifted from Emeril Lagasse's "Louisiana Real & Rustic" cookbook - one of my favorites.

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