July 24th, 2008



I get a prompt to update my version of Thunderbird, so I go ahead - like normal - like I've done ten times before in the years I've used this email client. Only something is wrong.

Now it autoruns the update/failure in a loop, ad infinitum, and the program will not open at all. I have to kill the process with the Task Manager to make it stop. If I uninstall and reinstall, I lose all of my saved mail as well as my address book. Which would not be a good thing.

The problem is there is a .dll file that will not delete from the directory no matter what I do, and I'm unsure how to disable my Norton Internet Security antivirus program to boot.

Options? Suggestions?

Thanks, guys - I think I've got it now!
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The Coast Guard closed 29 miles of the Mississippi River at New Orleans after a 600-foot tanker and a barge loaded with fuel oil collided Wednesday, breaking the barge in half. Nobody was injured, but more than 419,000 gallons of heavy, almost tar-like fuel oil spilled from the barge, forming a slick 12 miles long, said Lt. Cdr. Cheri Ben-Iesau, a Coast Guard spokeswoman.