May 15th, 2008

Download Of The Day

My dear friend lolasenvy is trying to finance a trip to the UK to see and meet her current idol/obsession David Tennant, who plays Doctor Who (also from the Friday Night Project - awesome show, that - and from playing Bartie Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkhaban. She's a bit of a Shakespeareophile and Hamlet is her favorite work by the Bard, and she will be seeing David Tennant as Hamlet in Stratford On Avon, Shakespeare's home town. PArt of what she's doing to raise funds is to offer downloads from her Megaupload account, as she gets a kickback from each download that comes from a different IP address. Today's offerings are all related to the phenomenal and influential band that hailed from Macclesfield in the late 70's, my beloved Joy Division. Please visit her blog daily and download at least one thing each day, please - it would mean a lot to us both. For my part, I'll be adding things to her account and linking to her posts as well in my daily download posts. There will be music, images, software programs, Photoshop tools, torrent files, and whatever you guys would like me to upload for you. Watch both of our blogs daily and make sure to snag at least one thing each time, even if it's the same small picture each time - delete the file once you've downloaded it, whatever you want, as long as you can help out that's all I'm asking for.

While you're at it, friend her. She's one of the closest people in the world to me, see each other often enough to be codependent, and I don't think would do too well without one another.
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Bush Makes Nazi Swipe At Obama
President George W. Bush used his speech to the Israeli Knesset this morning to inject himself into the 2008 presidential race with a swipe at Barack Obama's call for diplomatic engagement with Iran.

First, he equated Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with Hamas, Hezbollah and Osama bin Laden. Then: "Some seem to believe we should negotiate with terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along. We have heard this foolish delusion before. As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American senator declared: 'Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been avoided.' We have an obligation to call this what it is -- the false comfort of appeasement."
Obama Responds
"It is sad that President Bush would use a speech to the Knesset on the 60th anniversary of Israel's independence to launch a false political attack," Obama said in a statement. "George Bush knows that I have never supported engagement with terrorists and the president's extraordinary politicization of foreign policy and the politics of fear do nothing to secure the American people or our stalwart ally Israel."
Biden Calls "Bullshit" - Literally.
“This is bullshit. This is malarkey. This is outrageous. Outrageous for the president of the United States to go to a foreign country, sit in the Knesset…and make this kind of ridiculous statement,” Biden said angrily in a brief interview just off the Senate floor.

“He’s the guy who’s weakened us. He’s the guy that’s increased the number of terrorists in the world. His policies have produced this vulnerability the United States has. His intelligence community pointed that out not me. The NIE has pointed that out and what are you talking about, is he going to fire Condi Rice? Condi Rice has talked about the need to sit down. So his first two appeasers are Rice and Gates. I hope he comes home and does something.”

He quoted Gates saying Wednesday that we “need to figure out a way to develop some leverage and then sit down and talk with them.”