April 20th, 2008


New Game

A few weeks ago Yellow and I came up with a new game that we play called "I'm So Goth". Last night when sleep was not favoring us and Damien was already in bed, Renea and I camped out in the guest room and rolled around the bed laughing our monkey asses off playing this game. Here are the best bits - feel free to add your own in comments!
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I bleed black."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that the decorating magazine I read is Martha Stewart Dying."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I fucked the devil and gave him 3rd degree burns."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I'm the only thing bats can see coming."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth that it's always night when I go out because the sun is scared shitless of me."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I make Jesus consider Agnosticism."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth that the three nails used to crucify Jesus are all on the fingers of my right hand."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that the video of my 5th birthday party is considered a snuff film."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I ate My Chemical Romance and shit out Bauhaus."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I have patent leather pajamas."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth Siouxsie calls me for make up tips."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that you say tomato, I say eating people's souls."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth that the Batman movies were filmed in my house."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I sleep upside down in a closet."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I live in Helena Bonham Carter's hair."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth my phone number is 666-GOTH."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth that my Godfather is Aleister Crowley."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I'm only allowed outside on Halloween."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I fucked Wednesday Addams... She's now known as Friday Addams."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I was born wearing combat boots."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth my kidneys are pierced."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that when I walk near a church I burst into flames - or as I like to call it, taking a bath."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I have 666 tattoed on my soul."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth my blood type is midnight."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I knew Rob Zombie when he was still Bobby The Ghost."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that it's called Gothy-Goth."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I have a part time job filling for Evil on his days off."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I hired you for that job."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I have a voodoo doll of Tipper Gore."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth my shadow can kill a death eater."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth that I went to see a concert by the Really Nice Blokes and stared down the lead singer - by the encore they'd renamed themselves The Damned."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I cry mascara, whether or not I'm actually wearing it."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I made Anton Lavey convert to Christianity."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I wear Brimstone cologne."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I have a suit made from Ed Gein."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I really do eat nails for breakfast and tacks for snacks."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth that if it looks purple but I say it's black, then goddamnit, it's fucking black."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that after I saw the tape of The Ring, it took Samarra 10 days to get up the nerve to call me."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I have a fishnet umbrella."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that the dark is scared of me."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I use black Q-Tips."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that I spell the word 'goth' with a silent 7."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth that when I stare at holy water I can make it boil and freeze at the same time."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I don't have a washer/dryer, I have a darker/gother."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I lost my virginity to a ghost in a coffin."

Fox News PWNED!

Priest Pwns Bill O’Reilly’s Minion On Rev. Wright

From BradBlog:
And that’s what America really looks like. Which is why you normally don’t get to see it on TV.

Turns out the man in the video above is a Catholic priest by the name of Rev. Michael Pfleger, and apparently Bill O’Reilly did use a part of the interview above on his show. Approximately 5 seconds of it. On April 2. And yet, despite how well Pfleger deflects the nonsense tossed at him by O’Reilly’s ambush reporter (as seen in the above, not on his show) O’Reilly has been flogging the same “racist, hate-monger” nonsense for weeks.

As if that’s not bad enough, after the 5 seconds shown from the above interview, O’Reilly went on to do a full 6 minute segment discussing whether or not…wait for it…Pfleger should be sanctioned by the Catholic Church!

I wish I was kidding. (Watch the Bill O’Reilly video over at BradBlog)
Nicole at C&L: "That’s what I’m talking about. Talk about showing up for a match of wits unarmed."