April 5th, 2008

From The Fantastic telemann*

400 scientists "disagree" about global warming.
A story that's getting a lot of traction on LJ with right wingers and conservatives, is a list of 400 scientists that disagree with the thrust of the theory of global warming. This is important to them because it supposedly shows there's no consensus, and real disagreement. There's nothing new about this, the tobacco lobby used the same tactic for over 25 years. The divide and conquer tactic. The list of 400 scientists was complied by the Republican minority on the Senate committee on the Environment and Public Works, with Senator James Inhofe the leading minority member. What about those 400 "scientists"? The Daily Green did some research on the list and found this:

Inhofe's list includes 413 people. (Score one Inhofe; the math holds up.)
84 have either taken money from, or are connected to, fossil fuel industries, or think tanks started by those industries.
49 are retired
44 are television weathermen
20 are economists
70 have no apparent expertise in climate science

That narrows down the list quite a bit. When you consider that the American Geophysical Union, which has ...oh about 50,000 members, completely agrees with the findings of the UN about global warming, it's a slam dunk numbers wise.
* Reposted with permission