March 24th, 2008

The L Word

The L Word Season Finale

I'm fucking stunned. I cannot even begin to start sorting it out. Let me just say that I love this show so much that this episode made ME feel six different kinds of fucked up. I can identify with characters on this show in fundamental ways, they're written SO real, and the writing and music are always spot on. By the way, for those who don't know, there's a music blog for the show where you can download any of the music you hear on the show and liked. The remix of the Bacharach/Warwick classic "Walk On By", as performed by Hooverphonic featuring Isaac Hayes on vocals. AWESOME. Do yourself the favor now and download it here. If you like Portishead, Tricky, or Slowpho, you'll LOVE this song remix. pdsexton, rzrxtion, astounded, slumberjack, viannin, you've GOT to hear this.

This show makes me wish that the characters were my friends in real life, and that I could be there to support them as part of my family collective. I've NEVER felt that as much as I have within this episode. I'm not going to post spoilers until I know that lolasenvy has seen it - or come over to watch it with me as agreed. Once I know she's seen it, I'm going to write a post dissecting it and offering my thoughts on the upcoming final season. There are only 8 more episodes for season 6, then it's all over.

So not ready for this to be over.
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