March 16th, 2008


Problem: I have M4A files, rather large ones, that I'm trying to convert to MP3. Nothing I have is working. When I try to encode them, fail. When I try to decode them, again - fail. I cannot burn them to disc from iTunes and then rip the disc, I don't have the option to burn these files as an audio disc in iTunes. FAIL.

Anyone have any ideas?

Nevermind, got it - thanks, all!

Music I Love

Last week's episode of The L Word, one of the songs used was The Cure's "Just Like Heaven". I love it, it's one of my favorite songs ever. My most favorite song by The Cure is "Push", from "The Head On The Door" album. They didn't play it live the first time I saw them, but they did the second time. That show was at the Omni (now Philips Arena) in Atlanta, and it was loud as fuck. I danced that entire song and sang at the top of my lungs, and you could practically feel the entire place swaying. It was a perfect five minutes where nothing in my world that was ever wrong mattered in the least and I was completely, deliriously happy. The version they recorded at the Orange, France show sounded a lot like it did when I saw it live on the Wish tour.

The Cure - Push (Live In Orange)

Another great show I saw at the Omni was when David Bowie toured in support of Sound + Vision and he did my favorite of all his songs, the amazing "Heroes". I remember that as soon as it started, I knew what it was. I swear I was so overwhelmed that I burst into tears and standing there thinking "OH MY FUCKING GOD... DAVID MOTHERFUCKING BOWIE IS IN FRONT OF ME SINGING HEROES... I'M THE LUCKIEST BASTARD ON EARTH RIGHT NOW..." I still feel the urge to cry every time I hear this song. This version sounds near identical to what I remember of that performance:

David Bowie - Heroes (live)

Now all I need is to see Peter Gabriel do "In Your Eyes" and "Here Comes The Flood", and nothing will ever be better than that. I will bawl like a baby, and be happier than I can even conceive of being at any other concert in my lifetime - and I've seen hundreds of shows.

Tell Me About It!

The Deep Blue Divide

For months, Democrats were just thrilled with their choices. Now they can't even stand to sit together.
For the past five years, a group of friends, mostly military wives or retired government workers, have been meeting for lunch at an Italian restaurant called Amici's in a strip mall in Stafford, Va. All Democrats, they don't come just for the wood-fired pizza or $8.99 lunch buffet. They come to talk about their beloved party. But lately, the air has chilled in the Tuscan-themed room.

At the lunch after Clinton's loss in Virginia, Alicia Knight, 49, a Hillary supporter, came in late. The only spare chair was between two Obama supporters, both old friends of Knight's. "I was so angry, I didn't want to sit between them, so I sat by myself at another table," she says. "It's become like the cold war: in order to maintain the relationship, you don't talk to each other." Recently, the Clinton and Obama groups began lunching separately. "We couldn't take the bashing, the smirkiness of the Obama fans," says Linda Berkoff, 63.

It's unclear exactly when the primaries stopped being a joyous occasion for the Democrats. But as the weeks have ground on, the intensity between Democrats who disagree has calcified, the vitriol grown fiercer. According to exit polling in the Texas primary, 91 percent of Clinton supporters said they would be dissatisfied with Obama as the nominee; 87 percent of Obama fans said they would be dissatisfied with Clinton. Nationally, a quarter of those who back Clinton say they'd vote for John McCain if Obama won the nomination (while just 10 percent of Obama supporters would do the same if he lost).

All this is keeping us from fighting the real enemy, too - the right-wing collective.

I'm finding it REALLY interesting that I'm coming across this story on the heels of the discussion I've been having for the past couple of hours. Frea-KAY.