March 9th, 2008



I know I've been very silent here as of late, lots going on and such, best explanation is that I've been busy having a life.

This couldn't wait.

Take a look at this headline: Proposed Virginia law targets adults who French kiss kids.

Let that marinate for a minute before you click the link.

I know it stems from the case described in the article, but really... really??? There's so much opportunity for this to be all kinds of specific and inclusive of many other things, and this is the best they have?
FU Queer

I'm Listening - Are You?

What you're about to hear is a portion of a jaw-dropping speech delivered by Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern at a gathering in her district. This is what they say when they think we're not listening. This isn't Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Fred Phelps, or John Hagee. This isn't Rod Parsley, Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler, or Fox News - this is an elected official. One whose influence is felt and held by a constituency, one who is active in the politics ofd hysteria and division. Please visit and add your name to the growing list of people who are listening to this noxious propaganda, but are not buying it. Currently there are only 2100+ people numbered, and that number needs to go up - WAY up.

I'm Listening - Are You?

It's All lolasenvy's Fault!

Invariably whenever Renea and I get together, shit like this happens:

But then we get the giggles and go on a roll to see who can out-do the other. This was the result:

Yes, you may use any of them you like - don't ever ask me for permission to use anything I post here, just take what you want.