March 7th, 2008



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Me & D

Open Letter To Anti-Gay Heterosexuals

Dear Anti-Gay Heterosexuals,
Next month I will be celebrating 6 years of committment between myself and the love of my life, and we are very proud of that fact. We made it to this point and will continue to do so because we love one another and because we choose to do the necessary work to keep ourselves worthy of one another. We did all of this without your approval, your respect, your concern, or your blessing - because not once in 6 years have we ever needed that from you, let alone wanted it. Conversely, if your own relationships have thrived or failed, it most certainly is not because of us or anyone like us. You own those successes or failures exclusively, so get right with that.

We have no interest in marriage equality. Sure, we would enjoy the same 1,049 + benefits you take for granted as an advantage of legal marriage, but that is about it. We have no interest in defiling your churches with our presence for any reason, let alone a ceremonious one - so you are safe from us in that aspect as well. The main reason we have no interest in marriage equality is because, quite simply, in order for us to be equal we would have to be the same - and we like being who we are and wish in no way to model ourselves after your behavior. There's nothing particularly appealing to us about being heterosexual ourselves. Another reason is because we refuse to be the villains you paint us out to be. That's all about you and has nothing to do with us and it never has. Your absurdities in both language and action amount to a great deal of fearmongering, but that only works on those who choose to live in fear - and we do not. You win at scare tactics, but you fail at reasoned argument as a basis for anything other than abject bigotry.

We'll go on to do amazing things with ourselves, our family of choice, and the love we communally share with those worthy enough to receive it. Think what you will and be as virulent as you like, it doesn't make the slightest bit of difference because we're on to you. We're not responsible for you or anything about you, only ourselves. As to the marriage issue, you can keep that one. The rate of divorce in this country hovers steadily around 50-52%, meaning that roughly half end in divorce and the other half in death. We find nothing sanctimonious about that, in fact, it's nothing we care to model ourselves after. In that respect, we not only believe we're better than that, we know we are.

We're shameless faggots - and we're better than you are in that one thing than you will ever be at anything in your entire lives.