January 1st, 2008

First Post Of '08

Nothing like starting the new year with exhaustive, dirty, sweaty, nekkid ...shenanigans...

Now if you'll excuse me, I must wash the sheets before they crawl down the hallway of their own accord in search of an ovum.


If you cannot see , you're not on my sex filter which is where I post details of shenanigans, etc. If you'd like to be on the filter, comment to this post specifying as much and I'll add you to it.
Me & D

While I Don't Usually Make Resolutions...

  • Go fishing more
  • Lose weight and change my shape
  • Plant a vegetable/herb garden in the backyard of the new house we're moving into this Spring
  • Dance & sing more
  • Read the books on the list I'll post later on
  • Learn to silkscreen
  • Start having regular Sunday dinners again
  • No longer invest myself in people who aren't invested in me
  • Start painting again
  • Start writing again
  • Continue loving my soulmate with everything I have
  • Have weekend slumber parties for the kids once a month
  • Get one or two of these so that we can finally have children