December 2nd, 2007


I was involved in a discussion with friends and one of the things that was brought up is the nature of humanity. It was a discussion of religion & atheism, and an acquaintaince of mine brought up something I've been saying for years - just not as succinctly as he has. It's a theory I've brought up in discussions/debates/arguments with others on the subjects of life, one's alleged 'soul', and whether or not life begins at conception or at consciousness. Here's what Erich had to say - when he refers to April, he's referring to his wife:
"I would put forth that there are no separate lives...that life does not ever "begin"....I would also put forth that no "new" life has ever been created - since the original spark of life - and here's why.

When April and I have a child, that process (and it is a process) commences with my living sperm uniting with her living egg. That already living thing then implants itself on her uterine wall - and for all intents and purposes is like a cyst. It embeds itself in there - and then it follows a sequence of events that grows it into a viable self-sustaining entity.

But be clear. No "new life" was created. The sperm was alive beforehand, as was the egg. That already living thing simply followed a pattern of growth that eventually produced another self-sustaining entity/person.

The life that I carry in my body is my mom and dad's life. There was no "spark of life" that entered into me. It's a carry-over. When I put a flame to a piece of paper - no "new fire" has been created. It's the same fire in a different place. I think it's the same thing with life.

My life is my mom's life. Her life was her mom's life...and on and on. Nothing new has been created...ever.

So to me - to talk about "separate and unique lives" just doesn't make sense. We're not these unique lives running around with "souls" that were imbued upon us at the instant that life came into our beings. A "new life" never came into our beings. We all share the same, original, one. It's kind of like the olympic torch - being run along - and passed from one person to another.

...and ya know...we all have our time to carry that torch...and we all have the opportunity to pass it along as well...but when our time is done...our flames will be extinguished.

At least that's how I look at it."

Me too, buddy - me too.

Make perfect sense to anyone else?

Plea For Audio Help

Who on my friends list has the ability to transfer cassette tapes to digital files, like MP3, WMA, WAV, etc.??

I have a tape of an old Atlanta band (Mary My Hope) that I want to be able to have digital files of, because the actual CD is LONG out of print and the only copies I can find for sale start at $35.00 and go upwards of $75.00.

Um, no.

It would mean a lot to me to have this music!!