November 20th, 2007

Poking Holes In Fox News’ Mythology of Objectivity

A myth in the unmaking

Fox News's status as a politically impartial channel is at last being exposed as a fiction

Michael Tomasky
Monday November 19, 2007
The Guardian
Britons may be familiar with Rupert Murdoch, but I don't think the UK has a beast quite like the American Fox News Channel. Celebrating its 11th year on the air, Fox is a breathtaking institution. It is a lock, stock and barrel servant of the Republican party, devoted first and foremost to electing Republicans and defeating Democrats; it's even run by a man, Roger Ailes, who helped elect Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush senior to the presidency. And yet, because it minimally adheres to certain superficial conventions, it can masquerade as a "news" outfit and enjoy all the rights that accrue to that.


One of my closest friends in the world, lolasenvy, has undergone a significant transformation in recent years where she has put the entire bulk of everythig she ever claimed to believe under a microscope and tested her faith in all things to the point that it is truly inspiring.

I want everyone to read her most recent post, which echoes perfectly how I feel and could have been written by me, quite frankly. It's part of why we're as close as we are.

Sigur Ros

What A Let Down.


I've been counting the days for today to finally arrive, when I get to claim my copy of the new Sigur Rós DVD, Heima. Literally, I've been totally excited and counting the days until release, which was scheduled for today. As soon as Damien got off work, we shuffled off to Best Buy, but they didn't have it. Then we went to FYE, who also didn't have it. Apparently it has been pushed back until the first week of December.

So no DVD happy for me today. We came home and just ordered it through Amazon, which means I have to wait three weeks longer for the new release, but whatever - at this point I'm too disapointed to care.

I know that this is really ridiculous of me, I know that there are much bigger things to be upset about, its just that I have been looking forward to this since the day it was announced and it's about the only thing I've been looking forward to for a long time, and for nothing. I almost never really want things for myself, I feel (however useless I believe guilt is) guilty when I get something nice.

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