October 29th, 2007

Need a font

If anyone has the "Dauphin" font, I need it. You can email it to me at angry_biscuit [at] livejournal [dot] com. Much obliged!

EDIT: Got it!

What I Want...

I want Hillary Clinton to start speaking in a language that I can hear and gravitate toward. I want to like her and believe her, so that I can endorse her with a better conscience when she gets the Democratic nom. I'll even say it - however it has to happen, I want Bill Clinton back in the White House.

I want Barack Obama to stop disappointing me and get his head out of the religious right's anti-gay asshole. My love affair with Barack Obama is dangerously close to over.

I want Ron Paul to start doing better, because if there is anyone who can reform the GOP it is him.

I want my head to stop being so hurty.

I want everyone to watch this clip.

And this one.