September 5th, 2007


The Intolerable Faux News Network, The Global War On Journalism/REAL Reporters, & A New Obama WTF?

I am reading my usual news blogs and something keeps popping up about Geraldo Rivera going off on his fellow Faux Fox News compatriots and partisan hacks guests. So I go in search of the evidence, and I find it here, calling out Our Lady of the Concentration Camps Michelle Malkin (the valid point is at 4:10) and here, on H&C ripping Hannity & Tancredo. Then I remembered the clip of the fight between Bill O'Reilly & Geraldo Rivera where Keith Olbermann, whom I highly respect, gives Rivera the BEST person in the world award - and it was then that my head exploded and I shat myself entirely.

Geraldo Rivera is a right-wing mouthpiece wrapped up in a cheesy 70's porn star moustache and served lukewarm in a really worn out fuckrag. I'll have some respect for him when he renounces his employers and publically declares the entire network for what it is - then spends several hours douching Rupert Murdoch's dicksmell out of his asshole with Drano. Until then, he peaked with Al Capone's vault as far as I'm concerned. Juan Williams makes consistently good points on each of his Fox News apearances, especially when he's sparring with the ever creepy Bill Kristol and the intolerable Brit Hume, but he's still lining his pockets with Murdoch money - and that's just fucked.

Fox News knows nothing of real, brass tacks journalism - for that, you need to look to people like Lara Logan.

Calling Michelle Malkin a racist or a vile person is like saying Bush is a moron, Melanie Morgan is a liar, or Britney Spears is a waste of boobs. It's illuminating the obvious, really - and there's no need to do that for Fox viewers that take the network seriously, because they've drunk so much of the proverbial right-wing Kool-Aid (now in Patriot, Brown-People-Bad, & OMG TEH GHEYS flavors!) that they're pissing pure red dye #5.

On another note, Barack Obama has published an op-ed piece in the NY Daily News that sounded like it MIGHT have been run on Fox News. In it, he goes on about how we need to hit Iran where it hurts, because apparently Iran is the key to destabilization in the Mid-east. He refers to the swirling vortex of death and destruction next door as simply a "misguided war", but nothing about remedying that spectacular fuck-up at all. Just that we need to get tougher on Iran. I bet it almost made Bill Kristol like him. Sure, Iran needs some consideration - but for fuck's sake, why is so much attention getting diverted from the nightmare we're already in at such a time when millions a day are going straight into the fire, not a DAMNED thing is being accomplished that will stick, and the powers that be are still claiming that the surge is working and we're getting signs of progress?

You know it's beyond bad when even the National Coalition of American Nuns is calling for impeachment.

Or is it just me?

Because It Really Is The Little Things

This is my idea of perfect happiness:
It's about 9-10AM and I am just starting to wake up. I can smell coffee brewing in the kitchen from the cool dark of the bedroom. Overhead I can hear rain on the roof and rolling, muted thunder. I can see the faint strobes of lightning flash from the living room windows down the hallway and into our bedroom. It's the end of fall, right on the cusp of winter, and just beginning to get cold outside. I'm snug in the softest sheets imaginable and warm beneath the heavy comforter on the bed, with pillows surrounding and cradling me. It is totally quiet except for the sounds of rain and thunder, and the gurgle from the coffee maker as it finishes its cycle. I stretch and roll around the bed for a moment or two and then step into my softest fleece pants, my long sleeve cotton jersey, and fleece lined slipper socks. Damien is home also and we have absolutely nothing that we have to do on this day.

The only thing that could make this better would be a roaring fire in a fireplace and a couple of pug puppies.