August 30th, 2007


New Music Posts On The Way

Beginning this weekend, most likely, I will be making themed music posts. For starters, I'll be posting the following:
  • Bauhaus
  • Tones On Tail
  • Dali's Car
  • Love & Rockets
  • Peter Murphy (solo)
  • David J (solo)
If anyone would like to contribute some solo work by Daniel Ash, that'd be great. All I had was Coming Down & Foolish Thing Desire, but both were lost in the last hard drive crash.

Will begin the Bauhaus discography tomorrow, and have it fully posted by Sunday (hopefully). Also, remember that in order to have access to these posts you have to be on my friends list - if you're not already, comment to this post and I will add you back.

New Sugarland Video

This is difficult to watch, especially since I know she's dealing with a lot these days. Her divorce from Todd was only final a few months ago, so clearly the emotions are still very raw.

Sugarland - Stay