August 27th, 2007


One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today, Elissa Hadley lost her fight to cervical cancer and the world of everyone that ever spent time in her presence got smaller and colder. Later today I'll repost all of her music so that everyone who has not heard it finally has a chance and can share it with others. Also, I would like everyone to read this post and link to it, please - for my sweet little E.

Elissa Hadley, 1 April 1970-27 August 2006

I am better
I am braver
I am bird wings and birthday cake
Flying starlight clean again
I am flying starlight clean
I am
I am twinkly
Like a tree
At Christmas time
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you...

This is Elissa's song that was played at the close of her memorial service. She sang it for the Breathlanes album "For Now". Click the green 'play' button to start the music.
Download it: [.mp3 zip file]

On The Gonzales Resignation

It's bullshit, people. Before you get all excited about his resignation, know that a resignation is a far cry from an admission of guilt or even culpability. Adding insult to injury, he's going to be replaced by Michael Chertoff, which is rather like replacing the steaming pile of dog shit on the rug with a steaming pile of cat shit.

Very little has changed, if anything, it just got worse.

Elissa's Music

My friend Page sent me a ton of scanned pictures, a few of Elissa and mostly of old Lenny era show flyers, news clippings, handwritten lyrics and set lists, and a picture that Elissa had colored which made me laugh out loud. I uploaded everything to a gallery that you can find here. Image thumbnails are set to open into full size - just keep clicking on the individual pictures and they'll open to full size for you. I'm planning a memorial post for her upcoming birthday, but decided that I'd go ahead and do this much now while I had the opportunity.

It's funny too, because I've been thinking a lot about her lately and listening to the music again while I'm doing different things at home.

I've re-uploaded all of the music as well, in case anyone is missing it:

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Nectar featuring Elissa Hadley:
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland) - [.flac]
  • Blood Sings (Suzanne Vega) - [.flac]
  • Knives Out (Radiohead) - [.flac]
  • 84,000 Different Delusions (Shawn Colvin) - [.flac]
  • Washing Of The Water (Peter Gabriel) - [.flac]
  • For All We Know (Nina Simone) - [.flac]

The Hate Project

When someone says hurtful, nasty things to you on purpose to hurt your feelings, I don't think they realize the power of the damage they create in you. I don't think it occurs to them that they create wounds that last for many years.

I've believed for a long time that it isn't what meanspiritied things others say about you that matter, it's what you say to yourself. My grandmother told me once that it wasn't what came out of a person's mouth that made it dirty, it's what they put in it. (I had been chastized for calling a cousin an asshole when he was bullying me) It was her way of telling me that it's never about someone's perception of you, it was about your perception of yourself that mattered.

There's a new interactive blog called The Hate Project.. See how it works and the philosophy behind it here. The idea is to take the power back from the people you let have that kind of control over you to make you feel badly about yourself.

I'll be submitting my own pictures soon.